Sunday, July 1, 2007

Do we need God?

The concept of God as a Super Power, Almighty, Invincible, Immortal, has always been there in all Ages of mankind. Different tribes at different times in history took different phenomena as God. Some thought it was the Sun. Some thought it was the Fire. Some thought it was the King. Some mixed it with the Prophet or Messenger of God of their time. However, the onset of holy religions--religions propagated by the designated Prophets or Messengers of God at different times such as Moses, Jesus, Mohammad (peace be upon them)--the concept of God changed from a material being to a spiritual being. His basic characteristics remained almost the same i.e. Super Power, Almighty, Invincible, Immortal, Reckoner of the Day of Judgment.

The personal name of God also changed from religion to religion. In Christianity and Judaism, it is known as God. In Islam, it is called Allah. Other religions such as Budhism and Hinduism practised in some parts of the world have their own names for God. These religions did not come from God or Allah. These were conceived, practised and propagated by men of knowledge and learning of their times.

In the holy religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, God is the source of all knowledge, power and wellbeing for all mankind. He is the One who created the Universe, the Moon, Sun and the Stars, and the Earth and everything that lies on, between and around them. He is the Creator, the Almighty, the All Powerful, for all time to come.Spiritiually speaking, God is linked to every soul on earth. There is a hidden link between God and the mankind. He is believed to be closer to each and every person more than anybody else. He is there when we call Him. He is there when we pray. He is there when we need His help. He is there and everywhere.

Do we need God? What is God's role in our lives? Is He helpful to us in our material wellbeing as well as spiritual? Are we accountable to Him for our actions? What sort of accountability will it be and when? How do we please Him and get His blessings? How do we annoy Him and get His wrath? What are the phenomena of Hell and Heaven?

Let us ponder over these questions and share our beliefs, thoughts, views by posting our comments on this blog. 

May God bless you!